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Past Puppies

I want to say Thank You to everyone who has purchased their new babies from us. I will say I have fallen behind over the past few months on updating all our puppies...If you have purchased any puppies from us please send photos I would love to see them...

Opie is a cutie!!!!!!

Thanks for all the wonderful updates......

Hi Trish! I wanted so share some pics of our Yorkie we bought from you last September. His name is Opie & he has brought so much joy to our lives. We love him, as everyone does in the family. He is spoiled rotten & loves for everyone to just hold him. I thought you would want to see current pics of him.

Merry Christmas to you & your family!

Karen Hicks & Gail Brown

Thanks for keeping us updated with Fancy!!!!! I hope to find the cancer is gone...Your in our thoughts and prayers......

This is Fancy. She is 10 lbs. & she is 5 yrs. old. Katie is 1 1/2 yrs. old. Fancy is my special girl. She laid at my bald head everytime I was sick & laying on the couch from Chemo. She is my little protector! To this day, no one can come near my bed when I am in it, because when I was so sick from my Cancer treatments, she was tight against me protecting me. Fancy is a diluted creme sable. She starts dark creme & dilutes down to almost white. Everyone loves her coloring! I don't know what I would do without them! Ellie named her puppy Cooper.


Thanks Monica for sending updated photos of Tank...Boy he has gotten so big!!!!!! I would of never expected that out of that little puppy.....

Hello again Trish! We wanted to catch you up on our wonderful Tankie! We bought him from you in January this year! As you can see, he has grown A LOT! :) We absolutely love our Mini-Bulldog.

Thanks again! P.S. He's up to 46.8 # now!! Wow huh?! lol

Frank & Monica Farnsworth

Waterford, Ohio

Jackson is beautiful........Stout built!!!!!!! Thanks Rebecca

Hi Trisha, I just wanted to send you some updated photo's of Jackson. He is such a beautiful dog. He is very mischievous but thank goodness it only last about 15 minutes. Then its nap time. He is the best dog I have ever owned in my life. Thanks again for the opportunity to have him.

Have a great day,

Rebecca Hickman

This guy below is from our Late "Smoke"..he looks so much like her......Thank You so much for sending us updated photos of Ace.....We would love to see more in the future.....

Hello Frank and Trish,

I bought a black boxer from you guys 3 yrs ago, by the name of Ace. I am just sending a few pictures to let see how he has grown to nice and healthy and smart I might add!!! Thank you

The Worshams

Thanks Jan.....Your photography work is fabulous!!!!!!!

Hi Frank & Trisha,

I took some pics of Baley and I wanted to send them to you. He is absolutely adorable and ornerier than hell! He gets into everything! We love him to death too. I bought him some Halloween costumes but haven't taken his pic in them yet. I have been sick for the last two weeks. I will send them to you once I do take them. He had a visit at the vet today. He weighs 5 pounds and healthy. So glad we chose you as a breeder and Baley as a puppy.

Feel free to use the pics if you long as my logo stays on them.

There will be two more emails with additional pics!

Thanks, Jan


Jan McComas

Thank You Heather......

Hello Trish,

I know this update has been a long time coming but things have just been so insane lately. I did the best I could to get some pics of them but they are always on the move and it’s difficult. Lily is just as wonderful as always. She’s so smart and well trained and just such a delight…although she’s learned to be a bit pushy if she wants your attention (it’s cute though). Miss Maisy has definitely been far more difficult to train than Lily but she is half her size so I don’t blame her! I’m not sure of her weight but I’d guess no more than 5 lbs. She’s as soft as a cotton ball and just the most loving dog ever. She just loves to play with Lily and our other dog and with the boys! She’s a bit of a scaredy cat…we assume because she’s so small but who knows! She’s a joy to have and we’ve made a lot of progress on her training. I’m not sure due to her size if I’ll ever get past having to take her outside every 20 – 30 minutes but she’s just such a tiny little thing!!!!

On a side note, I hope that all is well with you and your pregnancy. We found out today that we are having our 4th and final boy!!!! I don’t mind at all but I’ll admit that I’m struggling to come up with another boy name. haha!!! Anyhow, other than the fact that I’m tired beyond belief this pregnancy and the first trimester was a nightmare…..all seems to be going well now!!!! Anyhow, hope that things are well for you and that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas holiday!!!!

Merry Christmas,

Heather Lam

Merry Christmas Ryan and Kayla

                     and all the Riverside Gang......


Ryan and I (and the pups) just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Attached are some pictures from Santa coming to visit!! Riley-puggle from Riverside Nov. 2007. Brody-boxer from Riverside Dec. 2008. Cooper-mixed (lhasa apso/chihuahua/boston terrier) that we rescued last Christmas. Charlie-shih tzu from Riverside Oct. 2011. Everyone is doing well and you have blessed us with an amazing family! Happy Holidays!!!

Ryan and Kayla Cremeans

Sydney Jane....

What a cutie!!!!! Thanks for giving her the best home ever......


I have to start off by saying THANK YOU!!! We are so happy that we found you and your family. We had such a bad experience with an internet scam and were so happy to find a local honest person. We have already fallen in love with our Morkie that we have named Sydney Jane. She is the happiest, sweetest and most playful puppy. Our boys are loving their new furry sister and were so excited when we brought her home. I honestly can not say THANK YOU enough!!!


Stephanie J. McCormick

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