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About Us

"Often Imitated but Never Duplicated"



Hello everyone!!! 

My name is Trish and I am the owner and operator of Riverside Puppies. I take great pride in my business and our customer relations. I am the brunt of the business, meaning...I meet with all breeders, customers, advertise, groom, photos, social media, and so on. My business is my number 1 priority and I'm still going strong 30 years later thanks to all my wonderful customers, followers and the love for the fur-babies. 

                                                            Balee and Hanz

                                                           Grant and Hanz

                                                          Hello everyone and thank you for visiting our page!

     We are a small family owned and operated licensed business located in southeast Ohio in Pomeroy. We have been in business for  30 years and take great pride in our work. Trish, Balee, and Grant. Sometimes you might meet Balee (12) and Grant (11) when purchasing. They are getting familiar with the business and learning customer relations. Grant is my more outgoing one, so he seems to jump right in with no hesitation and this momma loves it. He tells me all the time when he grows up he is going to take over the business and honestly, I hope he does. He has the same passion I do for the business. 

      We enjoy meeting and talking with all our customers over the last several years and yes, some people ask "How do we not get attached to the puppies?" well, the answer is "We do!" However, we can not keep them all. This is how we get to meet you!

     We have Riverside Babies in every state. We do not ship, you must travel to us to purchase a puppy from us. This ensures that the new owner is getting the puppy they inquired about and to make sure that he or she is a good match for their new family. Meeting the puppies is the right thing to do. You get to see their little personalities and watch them in action. This also ensures that you dont impulse buy. Yes, we do advertise a lot of cute faces and just because that face is cute does not mean the personality fits that cute face.

     We will never at any given time have more than 25 puppies at our home, except during the Holidays. It is a lot of work to properly care for each and everyone of them. Our puppies are always advertised on our pages and on our business page on Facebook. You will not find our prices anywhere but on our page or personally calling me.

     Another thing we do not do, is show several puppies at one time. A lot of people do not understand that a lot of diseases are communicable and meaning "communicable" can be spread by human contact. I always want to ensure the safest, sanitized area for your new puppy always and plus my business is in my home.

Did You Know?

Ohio Laws

     Some people ask if we are the owner of all the puppies we sell? the answer is "No." We do occasionally raise a litter from our dogs, all our puppies come from Licensed ODA or USDA Licensed breeders in the state of Ohio. " No, this does not mean puppy mill"! This means responsible breeders that are annually inspected to make sure they are complying with all laws for the welfare of the dogs and state laws. A "Puppy Mill" does not meet these requirements, because true mills hide under the radar and sell to people that are not truly licensed. A "Mill" does not have to be someone that owns hundreds of dogs. It can be someone that has a handful of dogs that solely breeds their dogs over and over for profit. You can simply find these sellers online on Hoobly, Puppy Find, Craigslist, Facebook Group Sites and so on... RED FLAG!

Did you know?

That everyone who sells a dog must charge Ohio State Sales tax for the county they live in. Guess what? If they are not, this means they are not licensed and they are not complying to Ohio State Laws. RED FLAG!

Did you know?

If you own 4 or more female dogs and you sell to "Forever Homes" you must be Federal licensed.

Did You Know?

As of January 1, 2019 anyone that raises a litter of puppies, yes just one litter intentionally or unintentionally MUST BE LICENSED with the Department of Agriculture AKA "ODA" and if they are not, they need to be turned in because they are breaking Ohio State Laws By Selling.

The reason they try to fly under the radar and choose not to be licensed is because they must be state and federal fingerprinted, which is between $40.00 to $80.00 fee and pay the state of Ohio a $500.00 fee for raising a litter of puppies.

Do you actually realize how many people are not licensed? actually how many people are breaking the law? People that choose to do this are backyard breeders, puppy mills, and people who choose to not pay the state to have the proper licensed to sell puppies.

Did you know?

New ODA Requirements... If anyone sells a dog/puppy, seller is present, buyer is present and animal is present, YOU MUST BE STATE LICENSED!

Honestly, please tell me how many people are abbiding by this law? Very few because to be state licencsed you must pay $500.00 a year, plus be inspected annually (surprise visit) to ensure proper paperwork is done, and area for animals meet proper requirements.

Did you know?

If you purchased a dog with intent on reselling he or she you must be state licensed.

Did you know?

If you sell a puppy to a pet store, you must be Federal licensed.

Did you know?

If you sell a puppy to a broker, you must be State Licensed.

Did you know?

Someone that is Federal and State licensed can only breed their females 2 times with in an 18-month period. This ensures that there is NO over breeding and the female has proper time to heal and rest between litters. People who are not licensed can breed over and over again.

Did you know?

Someone who raises dogs, and follows all proper guide lines by being licensed is required by law to have their breeding females vet checked before breeding and after weaning their puppies. 

No mater where you purchase a puppy from, every breeder that meets these requirements above MUST BE LICENSED!

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