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After Going Home

Travel Home

We do not recommend socializing your puppy at this time due to communicable diseases. This time of year, you will hear about the scary word Parvo. Parvo is a communicable disease that can be contracted in many ways and most of the time it is fatal. We encourage you, the buyer, not to socialize your puppy until he or she has received all puppy vaccines, which is a series of 4. (Your puppy will be sent home with their canine health records and detailed information will be listed below on when they are due) On your travels home, no matter if you are 10 minutes or 5 hours away DO NOT SET YOUR PUPPY OUT ON THE GROUND, ANYWHERE. Parvo can live anywhere at anytime. It has been known to live on or in surfaces for up to 7 years, so it is imperative that you do not socialize your new puppy until he or she has received all vaccines.

Some Places Parvo Can Be Found

* Dirt

* Veterinarian Office

* Grass

* Concrete

* Gravel

* Parks

* Bottom of your shoes

It is very important for you, the buyer, to take every extra precautionary measure to keep your new fur baby safe. 

Items You May Want To Bring Along

* Blanket

* Towel

* Crate/Kennel

* Puppy Pee Pads

* Clothes Basket

* Box

Basically, we tell everyone to be creative and bring what you might think you will need for your ride home. 

We use Envirogroom products. This can be found online for purchase.

Pedigree Puppy is what we feed. The size we use is for small breed. 

You can find this food at Walmart, Tractor Supply, Rural King, Kroger's, and most online pet stores have it. Due to short supplies and demands at stores, I do suggest calling ahead to see if they have this before going.

I will send home at least a 2-day supply or more with you the day of pick-up.

We do offer each small breed puppy 1/4 to 1/2 cup twice a day. However, I do not recommend putting your puppy on a feeding schedule the first week. This allows your puppy to acclimate in more comfortable, because the only thing he or she will know is their food.

Canine Health Records

Up above you are going to see a Canine Health Record with three columns. Each column represents different vaccines or meds your puppy has received.

Column 1

Notes: This is where I will place your upcoming dewormings and vaccines. It is very important to focus on these dates and get your vet appointment set according to these dates due.

Column 2

Deworming Schedule: This is where I will list all the worming schedule that your puppy has received. All dates and medications will be added to this column.

Column 3

Vaccination Record: This is where all the vaccines your puppy has received will be listed. All labels and dates will be added to this column. 

This is a copy of the health guarantee you will be signing the day you pick up your puppy. Everything highlighted in yellow will be what you sign that day. If you can remember, please bring your own ink pen to sign.

We know right now it can be really hard to get into your vet. We have had every puppy vet checked before purchase so, please try your best to get your puppy into a licensed veterinarian within the 72 hour time frame. You will have upcoming vaccines and dewormings due and it is imperative that these appointments are made and kept. 

Also, on another side note....puppies can stress just like we do, so you, the buyer want to make sure your transition is as smooth as possible on your new puppy. If at any time you think there might be something not right with your puppy, it is the buyers responsibility to take them to the vet immediately to have a checkup done.

Note to self....I made a mistake on highlighting, the buyer part will be highlighted for you the day of pickup...

Please feel free to stay in touch for any general questions or if you just want to send us pictures or updates on your puppy.

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