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Past Puppies

Thank You Christy....Keep sending the wonderful updates....


I just wanted to give you an update since we brought Bear home back in February of this year. He is doing great! We have been keeping up with his Vet visits and he was only 2lbs in March and when we took him just last week he is now 6.6lbs! Everyone that has met him, loves him. He loves to run all over the house and yard and loves to play fetch. The funniest thing is when he brings sticks in from outside so that we will play catch with him. I'm thinking that he is the most spoiled pet we have had! He has a basket of toys and loves to play with them all. I think his favorite thing is to go on car rides. He runs to the door if he sees us leaving! We have taken him camping and he is loving it! Overall, he is a very happy, healthy, and spoiled little puppy that has brought a lot of happiness to our family!

Thank you for everything!

Christy Matheny

P.S. I did add an album so that I could continue to add pictures of him as he continues to grow!

Thank you Rebecca.....

    Keep me posted on this guy....

Hi Trish, Just sending you an updated picture on Jackson. He is getting to be a big boy. Thank you so much for this wonderful pup. He has been such a blessing to me and my family. He fits right in with everyone. He is a very confident and loving pup. I am so attached. The Hickman's

Thank you Michelle and James...

                   he is just so cute..

Hi Trish

Here is our little boy Brutus that we purchased off you Febuary 2 , 2011. He is a 7/8 mini bully. He will be five months on April 30, 2011 and he weighs 18 lbs, he is short and fat, he's so adorable. He really is a great puppy and we love him so much. He is very friendly and good with kids and other animals. We take him for car rides with us and everyone that see him always wants to pet and hold him , he luvs the attention and luvs givin puppy kisses. They can't get over how cute he is . He is one cool puppy. He was very easy to housebreak and never whined once. He goes to bed at 11pm and sleeps till 9am, he sleeps the entire time, he is a little snuggler, he's a lap dog for sure. I seen your pic of Shug , he is adorable. I was wondering if he is the father of Brutus, kinda looks like him. Brutus is listed on the mini bullies page info, he's the fourth one down. He 's gotten little bit bigger, and its cute, his one ear is fawn and the other one was all white when we first got him when he was 8 wks old and now his ear is white with little fawn spots all over it, looks like little polka dots. Looking forward to purchasing another puppy off you so he can have a little buddy. Thanx so much for Brutus, he really is a great puppy and a wonderfull addition to our family. Take care.

Michelle & James

Thanks Ashely...What aBig Brut!!!!!!!

Hello Trish!

We purchased our mini-bulldog, Bruiser, from you in January of 2009. He will be 3 years old this September. He is a wonderful addition to our family and we love him to death!! He is super friendly and outgoing and loves taking walks, car rides, baths, and even going to the vet!! He fits right in with our family and we couldn't ask for a better pet!! Thanks again!!

Paul, Ashley, and Bruiser


Lilly is beautiful.......Thanks Heather.....


I just wanted to send an update and some photos of Miss Lily who I purchased from you in December 2010. Lily has been an absolute joy to have around. She was crate trained BEFORE we got her because she has never used the bathroom in her crate. She has been pretty easy to train and by far the BEST puppy we have ever had. She’s such a sweetie and we just love her so much. I have watched your site frequently to see if you have ever posted anymore Shi-A-Shon’s but I haven’t seen any yet. Anyhow, thanks for such an awesome addition to our family. Lily is irreplaceable.

Heather Lam


Thanks for updating us Jeana & JR...Loko is beautiful!!!!!


Hello Trish,

We are going to try this again. This is Loko our mini bulldog we got from you in January. This is his three month old picture. He is a joy to have and we love him to death. He goes everywhere with us and loves all the attention he gets. He is doing very well in all of his training. Best part is he was very good with being house broken. He just went to the vet on Thusday. Got all of his last shots and his rabies shot. Vet said he was in perfect health and everything looked good.We really don't know what we would do with out him. Thank you so much for this beautiful addition to our family. We will be sure to keep you updated as he grows.

Thank you so much again.

Jeana & JR

What a cutie!!!!!!!!!     Thanks Frank & Monica....

Hello Trish. I actually tried to send this email on 1/24/2011. Come to find out, I put it on my profile. bahahahaha.

Anyways, here you go. Our daughter, Jeana Farnsworth and I are battling on who's picture gets in the Past Puppies list

Thank you Riverside Puppies for our newest addition to our family,

Samual Tank Farnsworth! He has fit in so nicely! He is so smart

and has such personality! He is the 'lil Brother and his older

brother, Pepper, just loves him! He loves playing in the snow

and chewing on his toys! Thanks again, Frank & Monica Farnsworth

Thanks Juli and Chuck on the wonderful updates of Buddy

Hello trisha,

Hope all is well. Just thought I would send you a picture of a little guy (a Yorkie-Poo) we got from you right before Christmas. We named him Buddy, and it suits him! He has been alot of fun and our cat just loves him. They run through the house like it's on fire. Thanks again.

Juli and Chuck Koon

Juli & Chuck

Thanks Kara and Mark for the updates on Rocky...

Hello Trish,

This is Kara & Mark Keast. We came from Pittsburgh, PA (Oakdale, PA). We purchased a Shih-a-Poo from you October 18, 2010. We originally named him "Snickers" when we got him but the next day my husband and sons wanted to change his name to "ROCKY". I wanted to let you know what a JOY he is and how happy we are that we got him. He has brought sooo much happiness into our lives. We just LOVE him. I have attached some pictures for you. I have been wanting to email you for a while but have been busy with the holidays. How are you doing? I went to your website and saw you are due soon! Good Luck and Best Wishes on your new arrival.

Thank you again for bringing "Rocky" into our lives.

Kara Keast

Thanks so much Stacey & Jamie for the wonderful updates...

Hi Trish,

This is Stacey and Jamie from Pittsburgh. We got our Yorkie poo Max from you early November and we couldn't be happier. He's our little wild man. He has more energy then any puppy I have ever owned but he is such a doll. My whole family is in love with him. He spoiled rotten!! He went to vet for his shots a few week ago and the vet said he's perfect. We can't thank you enough. We cant imagine my life without our little max.

~Stacey and Jamie

Thanks Megan for all the updates....

Hello Trisha

I hope all is going well. I wanted to give you a little update on the puppy that we bought from you on Thursday he is doing great!! He is loving his new home

and all his new playmates. He did okay on the drive home which took me 2.5 hours so please let you Pittsburghers know that is, 2.5-3 hours. But anyways he is doing

great the first night was a little tough for him and I cracked and gave in and took him out of his crate and let him sleep with me. But all is well since then and he

is getting used to being at home. I also wanted to commend you on your, I have already recommended you to a few friends and family and thy are looking forward in the future of adoptions. Well thank you again.

-Megan Vansach

Thanks Marti for the wonderful update on Gypsy Rose

( A picture of Gypsy Rose when she was younger is

posted on our Past Puppy Page 3, be sure to check that out to)

Hi Trish,

Here's a recent picture of Gypsy Rose,the yorkingese puppy we bouht from you when you were still in Little Hocking. Her picture is on page three of your past puppies section. Congratulations on the baby and your and Frank's anniversery! Thank you for our puppy~Marti Sims

Thanks Lisa for updating us on Meisha

Hi Trish! I bought a mini bulldog off you last Sunday. Her name is meisha. She's doing very well. She's almost completely housebroken and she will already sit and fetch. She follows me everywhere I go and she is absolutely adorable!! Thank you again!!

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