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Thanks to all our past customers for keeping us updated. We always love to see our guys and gals as they grow.

love my pug!!!!!! My name is Kate and I have had Busta (formerly Pug #1) for a week now. He INSTANTLY fit right in to our family, and everyone just adores him! I took him to the vet and he is doing good. Busta is so well tempered, and my little boy is so excited to have a puppy around. Busta is also so very clever, At 10 weeks old he is mostly potty trained, and knows where I keep the puppy chow. He has also already claimed his spots in the house as his own. THANK YOU so very much, rest assured that Busta is a very spoiled little puppy.

Hey! We bought a little boy workie puppy from you on July 5th this past summer we sent you a photo after we bought him when he was tiny but he has grown a bit. Chance is now 10 pounds and full of energy he is a loving sweet little boy who is obsessed with fetch and is very much loved by our family. Here is a recent picture of him and we just wanted you to know he's doing well and continues to be the mischievous 9 month old puppy he was meant to be.

a.k.a. as my dad would call him lovingly the little rugrat

~beth roys

Hello Trisha

I just wanted to say thanks again for letting us adopt Jackson. He is such a wonderful laid back puppy. Jackson and my other dog Abby have loved each other from the moment he walked in the door. My whole family has fallen in love with him also, he is always snuggling with my son or my husband on the couch. I have attached a few new pics of him. I will keep sending them to you as he keeps growing.

Thanks again Shannon

Hey Trish, Frank, and Morgan,

Thanks for the amazing dog, his name is Brutus. He is officially a buckeye now and i cant wait till he grows up and can wear his jersey. You guys are awesome.


Alexander M Silverman

ACF Certified Culinary

Hi Trish, Just wanted to send you an update on Cassie Jo our Pug-Zu we brought home last Feb. She had her first birthday on Dec.4th. She is absolutely great. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy her.She is so very smart and a very loving pup.She loves to cuddle, and when it is cuddle time whatever else I am doing I can forget it because she is that insistent. Getting her was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time, the entertainment, the love, the loyalty that Cassie Jo has brought to this house has been priceless.Thanks so much for the service you provide, it has made a big difference in my life. Donita Coutz


We bought two white boxers right before Christmas. One was a present for my mom. They are both doing wonderful, they are growing so big. I am attaching pictures for you. Mine is the one with a spot on her eye (Sidney) Mom's has the two black eyes (Harley). We were wondering if you could send some pictures of their parents. Thank you, Carna

Sidney & Harley

Hello, this is Kristin Scott.

Just wanted to let you know our little girl is doing great. My daugthers named her Princess Alaina. (Laney for short). She's so sweet and we all love her very much. Our rottie, Jade has adopted Laney as her own baby. She really loves her. I have her set up for her appointment and shots next week. I have attached a couple pictures of her. We will keep in touch. Thank you very much!


Trish, sorry this is getting to you so late we've been so busy with James going off to the air force and me in school and Harley getting into mischief! You sold me Harley two months ago and I was the happiest girl then and I am even happier now! He is doing so well in my house; we have two other dogs a 8 month old beagle/terrier mix and a chihuahua and he gets along well with both. When we picked Harley up you said he was the wimp and let his sister push him around but not anymore at 4 months Harley is the leader of the pack! We are still trying to get him to jump off the bed and go down more than 6 stairs at a time but he's still young and we're working up to it! I included a family picture so you can see how big he has gotten! I am sending this from my blackberry because we are at the vet now getting his third round of shots and he weighs 8.9 lbs! Let me know if you can't open the picture because it is sent from my phone but I don't think it should be a problem!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy!

-Sam Schmidt and James Scales

Thank you so much for our new puppy! We just love him! We are getting to know his personality before we give him a new name but we are thinking hard and can't wait to update you on our final choice. Heres a picture and we will send another one soon enough!

Thanks Again!

Matt and Ellen

Hey Trish and Frank!

I just wanted to update you! Ellie Mae and I went to the vet on Saturday and everything is great! We started house training the night we got home and she's doing great so far.. she's already getting the hang of it! She loves her new home and is extremely happy with all of her new roommates-as we are with her :) She definitely is a magnet.. she has so many fans everywhere we go! I just wanted to thank you guys for everything!!! You all were amazing! Thanks! Happy Holidays!!

Valerie Vapner and Ellie Mae Vapner <3


Here are a few pictures of the Pug we purchased from you in March for our son. She will soon be a year old on 12/30. She loves our 140lb+ Lab the run and play in the yard together. She has done very well on the inground fence. She is still very small and Hiper. My son loves her he always tells her how cute she is. She is always on someones lap. I will email you the profesional picture we had of Easton and Pugsly I showed you.

Thank You,

Jennifer, Scott, and Easton


Here is Moxy's latest pictures, she is so cute and adorable! I don't know what I would do without her.

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year!



I just wanted to email to confirm I took the Puggle to the vet, Dr. Sullivan, last night. She checked out okay and got her 4th shot. She goes back in 3 weeks for another booster. We went ahead and gave her to our son, and he loves her! Her name is Niki. I attached a few pictures. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!

Neal, Jodi, Zach, and Niki Smith


I was so excited to find your website! We purchased one of your Hybrid bulldog's in November from the Puppy House in Belpre. WE LOVE HIM and so does everyone that meets him!!!

I was talking with Luanna Staats last week when she told me about her recent addition, her pomeranian - how cute!!! She was telling me that where she purchased her pom, also had the mini bulldogs. So, I found you!!! I knew he was from a breeder in Little Hocking and the last name was Bland..... but I was so anxious to take him home, I'm afraid I wasn't paying much attention.

We had been looking for a bulldog for a couple months but the price always disappointed us. We just happened in the Puppy House on Halloween day and mentioned that we were looking for a bulldog. The owner told us of the 'hybrid' mini's he would have the following Monday and we should come back then. To my dismay, we had plans and couldn't make it. But.... election day, I went back only to find THE CUTEST puppies I'd ever seen!!! 3 of them, how would I choose???? Well, we chose Max Wedge and he is absolutely the BEST dog we've EVER HAD! I know he's only 3 months old but he's already house trained. He immediately became one of the family! He knows our routines, knows when it's bedtime, finds his ball....I could go on and on. When we take him to the vet, we can't get away because he draws so much attention. He goes everywhere with us!

We recently learned that our preacher and his family have been looking for a bulldog. After seeing Max, they're even more interested in the mini bulldog. I've referred them to your website for more information.

After talking to owner's of bulldogs, I highly recommend this mix breed over the purebred english. Owners have told me of skin problems, hard to breed, etc with the purebred.

I know I didn't purchase him directly from you, but I'm just so overjoyed with this puppy, I had to contact you! You have a wonderful breed in this mix and we just love him. I hope it's ok to refer people to you. Everyone asks where we found him and until now, I was telling them about the Puppy House, but I think it's always nice to know the breeder and their dogs.

He thinks our Christmas tree was put up just for him! He did make a very nice Christmas present to our family.

Thank You,

Missy Jones

Williamstown, WV

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