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Our Past Puppy Page

     If you have purchased a puppy from us recently or in the past we would love to see them. Please send us pictures and testimonials of your new addition from Riverside Puppies.


I just wanted to send you a long overdue update on our furbabies. Riley is a puggle that we purchased from you in November 2007. She will be 3 years old at the end of August and is definitely our little princess. We have had absolutely no problems with her, and I just love her to pieces!

Brody is a boxer that we purchased in December 2008. He will be 2 years old on October 11th. He's about 65 lbs and truly a miracle--and I say miracle for a reason! Unfortunately, we had our worst nightmare last summer. My fiance and I were staying at his parents house for a few days and they let their dogs run loose (they're out in the country). Ryan and I did not want to chance it with Brody so we bought him a tie out so he could at least be outside with the other dogs for short periods of time. While I was in the shower, I hooked him to his tie out and he was gone by the time I got out. Somehow, he pulled the tie out loose from the stake in the ground and took off with the other dogs down into the woods. We searched everywhere all hours of the day for nearly a week. This also just so happened to be the hottest week last summer. We thought for sure we'd never see him again.

EIGHT days later, a storm was rolling in and Ryan's mom was outside and she heard a dog whining. She knew it had to be Brody so Ryan's parents went searching and found Brody wrapped around a tree in the woods not even a quarter mile away from the house. We walked past that area multiple times and yelled for him nonstop--he never made a noise until the storm rolled in. He was back in an area that was impossible to see him; however, he was whinging which allowed Ryan's parents to get to him. Ryan and I were back in Parkersburg at this time. When we got the phone call saying they found him, we immediately drove to Athens, OH to get our baby back!

Amazingly, absolutely nothing was wrong with Brody other than being malnourished from not having any food for a week. We called the vet and they said to keep an eye on him and if he acted okay, they didn't need to see him. Brody made a quick recovery and returned to his normal playful self within a matter of a couple days. Our big boy is now 65 lbs. He is the biggest baby I know---so lovey and playful and always has us laughing. He loves going for runs with his daddy! To this day, he has never been tied out again.

Attached are some pictures of our babies. They are very loving and are also very, very loved!!

Kayla Black and Ryan Cremeans

Hi my name is dave i got my dog from u & he just turned a year old @ the end of april . Every one loves him 2death . Will u be getn n e more mini bullys in ? His name is gunner & he would love 2 c his pix on your web site. Thanx


Hi guys....Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Bella!! She is getting ssooo big...and very protective of us!!

She loves to be outdoors and she is so smart.

I will send you more at a later date!!

Hope the house building is going well....thanks so much again for letting us have Bella!!

I was wondering when you were going to be getting any female yorkies in. We bought a maltipoo off of you in december, and we could not be happier. I told a few of my friends about you, and they are interested in the yorkies.


Frank and Trish,

Ace has been a joyful addition to our family and a wonderful Christmas gift for my wife!!!

She was so over-joyed and now she calls him our son

Everyone that has met Ace instantly fell in love with him. He is so smart and was house trained in one week. Right now he is teething and is gnawing on an old shoe that he prefers over any of his 5 chew/teething He will be returning to the Vet and the end of this month for his checkup and shots.

Thank you for a quality puppy and wonderful experience

Here are some pictures of Ace

Frank and Trish,

Our baby girl "Marcie" is doing great and couldn't be loved more! She is an absolute perfect fit for our family! She is very playful but also very cuddly! You all were wonderful to work with on our quest for a puppy and will highly recommend you to others!

Thanks again!

Jeff and Tina Warfield and family


"Ride to the trails end"

Sherrie S. Dunlap

Have a great day !!

Hello Trish,

Just thought I would send you a note and let you know how Rocky is doing. He is so smart and learns quickly. I couldn't ask for a better puppy. Don't get me wrong he is very ornery. His favorite game is to grab my socks and poke me in the leg until I see what he least he brings them to me instead of eating He is a real snuggler too, he loves to be cuddley. I attatched a current pic of him. He has gotten bigger than my other boston by a couple of inches, but I think Skyy was the runt of the litter. Talk to you later, Cindy Clapsaddle 

I have attached a picture of our English Mastiff, Mugzy, that we had bought from yu before Christmas. He will be 6 months old tomarrow and already weighs 77 pounds. My Seven year old daughter only weighs 60 Pounds. He is such a great dog. If we are outside he can go outside with us without being on a leash and has never tried to run away. We have left him out of his cage a few times and come home to plastic bags and papers torn up from where he is mad that we have left him. He does not get into the trash though. For the past 2 to 3 weeks we let him sleep in bed with us or on the couch through the night and then cage him through the day.

I just want you and your husband to know that we highly reccomend you to all of our friends, family, and co-workers.

I will keep you posted with more pictures.


Hi Trish: We’ve been meaning to get in touch with you for months!! We could not be happier with our little bundle of fluff. Attached are some photos that I hope you can manipulate to get on your website, or at least see…I know they are pretty tiny [from cell phone]. Also, my daughter asked me if Dash’s mom or dad was the poodle…it’s not in my records…can you remind me?! Thanks!!

WE ADORE OUR DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hi Trish!

I know I havent emailed in a while, but I wanted to let you know that Rizzo is doing great! We bought him from you September 2007 and he is the spoiled baby of the family. He is doing well with training and loves to be around us--ALL the time! His new favorite thing is camping...and riding four wheelers with my Dad! :) I've attached some pictures for you. Thanks again for all your help getting him here. I can't imagine life without him!!

Sarah & Eric Rodriguez

Boise, Idaho

Hi Trish, this is Mike, Lisa and Baylie Pitts from Florida. We wanted you to see how well our little Molly is doing. She is a hoot. We are enjoying every minute with her. She's a pretty quick learner and she already LOVES sleeping on the couch. Thanks so much.

Updated Picture of Baylie and Molly........

Hi Trish, this is Mike, Lisa and Baylie Pitts from Florida. We wanted you to see how well our little Molly is doing. She is a hoot. We are enjoying every minute with her. She's a pretty quick learner and she already LOVES sleeping on the couch. Thanks so much.

 Hey Trish,

I bought a porkie from you in late May, and he is doing very well. I took him to the vet a few days after we got him, and the vet said that his testicles had not dropped but otherwise he was a healthy puppy. Since then, I have gone back to get his next set of shots and his testicles finally dropped. Just wanted to thank you for the great puppy (we named him Scooter) and send you a few pictures!


Abby Robinson

I am JoAnn Clapsaddle,Cindy's Mom. I purchased the little black yorkypoo,Sat down at the Puppy House Friday while you were there. Remember Me ? You couldn't get a picture cause he was so black, but I did and am attaching for you. He is now known as " Little Black Sambo " or as everyone wants to call him "Sammy" I love him so much. He's quite different than my Big Dobie was, but so much fun. He was so quiet and lovable down there, he's still lovable, but far from quiet. Runs circles around this house. He is so little and fragile, and it's so cold and wet out, I decided to puppy pad train him ,for the winter. Do you think this is a good idea.? He is doing great. No accidents so far. He has certainly brought some joy into our house to replace the great sadness. He can never take Trogan's place, but he holds a different place in our hearts. Will keep in touch,as I will need your help with this other shot and neutering , that lady and guy down there weren't much help when I picked him up. They certainly don't have the personality you do. Their son gives you the most pleasure while you are in there. OOOOOP"S should shut my mouth. Take care and we'll be in touch and Cindi and I will bring the boys to visit you. LOL Thanks again,I'm so glad you were there Fri,and glad he was your puppy. Take care and good luck. JoAnn and Sammy.

Hey Trish! Just wanted to give you an update on Bailey! We got her on November 7th and she is just wonderful! She's having a blast with her big brother, another puggle, who's 2! She is constantly on the move and wanting to play! She's doing great with training, knows sit, stay, lay down, and high 5 already :) (Any food motivates our little bit!) Anyway, here are some updated pictures of the little princess.


Stephanie, Brandon, Brutus, and Bailey.

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