Riverside Puppies

Often Imitated but Never Duplicated!

Past Puppy 3


 Hi folks,
I am sending a picture of Peanut and Precious as they approach their
2nd. birthday next month. Precious is the one with the blue collar. They are
the sisters that you had in Oct.2007 at Belpre. Sorry that I haven't sent
pictures sooner but as you can tell they are under-fed and loved very much.
Thanks again.

Jack L. Radcliff





 His name is Scruffy if you want to add that to the website.  He is a very playful little puppy and adorable as ever!  I love him to death!  :-)  
(A lady that I work with saw that picture of him on my locker and wanted a puppy like him so bad.  I gave her your number... I think she called you about it.  :-)   )





 Mary Kay Batten

Trish...Lila had a great Mothers Day!! She ia doing great, she is well
and playful and loves all the kids. She is a beloved addition to our
family. She fetches like a lab and snores like an old man, she can
sit,lay down and shake...We would no trade her. Thanks for
everything...Mary Kay



              Updated Picture of Lila



 Hey Trish.

Here are some pics of Zoe and Charlie. Zoe was the Boston/Bulldog female we bought from you in Feb of 08. She got hit and killed in Feb. 09. Then we came down a couple of months ago and bought Charlie from you. He is a Forkie. He is HUGE!!!!





my name is Amanda Thompson i bought a puggle puppy off of you in  may...we named her Dixie....but we mostly call her baby girl...she is spoiled rotten and weighs about 15 pounds now after we had her fixed...she weighed 5 when we picked her up she loves to fetch and she is so smart she sits, lays, rolls over, shakes, and high fives and she housebroke in no time i wanted to thank you for the best dog in the world we love her very much any dog we buy from now on will definatly be from riverside puppies!!!!!!!  i attached some pictures of her and thanks again






 Here are the pictures of Mitzi adjusting to her new family - Chuck and Rusty! We're really enjoying her outgoing personality! Thanks, Nancy






Hi Trish and Frank,

I thought I'd write and send some pictures of Gypsy Rose,the yorkingese puppy we bought from you in February. The first picture shows her at about three months old,and in the second picture she is about six months. Obviously,the date on the first picture is wrong.(oops) She has definitely changed a lot. She weighs seven pounds now! She owns my heart. I think you guys are doing a great job. I was extremely impressed with your facility and the obvious love you have for the puppies. If I'm ever in the market for another puppy,I'll check with you first. Thank you so much.~Marti Sims






     I just wanted to email you some of my pictures from my adorable Lily, our Pug we got at Riverside back in June. We love her and she is wonderful!!! Thank you so much!

                                                            Jennifer and Ed