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Truth be told about Kathleen Parks-Mcle

Please take the time to read each and every detail of this page.

If anyone sees her posting please crop and send it to me. Please do not argue with her or post on there because this will provoke her to attack back, just crop and save and send please. For someone that wants to rectify the situation, I am continued to be blocked so I can not speak the truth. So, I am doing it through here!

Please send through email, texting, Facebook. Thanks to everyone that has sent me information about this matter. 

On Wednesday, March 13, 2019, we were notified by customers that a lady, Kathleen Parks-Mcle was posting lies about our business. On March 1, 2019 Kathleen made an appointment to see a Yorkie puppy at 4:00. When Kathleen arrived, she went on about how she was a breeder and raised Yorkies, Pomeranian, Chihuahuas, Mastiffs and so on. Hearing this, you would think that someone knows about teacup breeds. The Yorkie she purchased was 1lb and 2 oz, which means teeny tiny. Kathleen and I went over the contract, including her vet paperwork. She was told that the puppy was last dewormed on February 28th, which was documented on paper that she received, and she was told the puppy needed another deworming because she had roundworms on her February 28th visit. Roundworms are very common in puppies that are being weaned off, and as a breeder herself she knew this. So Monday evening at 9:10 Kathleen calls telling me she just came home to the puppy and she is cold and would not move. I told her she needed to get it to the vet immediatly it sounds like she had a hypoglycemia spell. Kathleen stated there was no emergency vet and I tol her she needed to find one or it would be fatal.

The vet papers stated, which I will be attaching, that she left the puppy unattended for 12 hours and did not know if she ate. My first question is Why was a 1lb puppy left unattended with no food? This poor puppy's sugar dropped because of lack of food. Once a puppy goes into hypoglycemia it is nearly impossible for a vet to save them. The vet paper work states clearly that this puppy was in hypoglycemia, and she refused to leave the puppy at the vet for treatment. This puppy passed from the negligence of her owner.

After the phone call conversation she was blaming me because she said the puppy had a shunt. My text stated exactly that I would replace the puppy 100 percent if the puppy had a shunt. However, she refused everything. Kathleen just wanted to start an argument, day one and argue instead of working through the situation. She now is posting lies over Facebook because people like this feel big and want to blame everyone else for their actions.

* She refused me to take the puppy to our vet

* Refused to allow me to talk to her vet about the puppy and get the conclusion of the vet report

* She blocked me on all social media and by phone so she could post her hatred comments

* She has lied to several people on Facebook about the situation and refuses to post the truth.

* She also has told everyone her puppy has died, but has never called me or sent me reporting stating this

* If indeed the puppy passed away and with a shunt, we need to know as a breeder and seller

so something like this never happens again. However, no vet papers were given.

* She said the puppy passed away on March 6th, when in reality I have vet documentation that shows the puppy was seen by

Appalachian Veterinarian on March 6th. (Which is in the text below)

* There has been way to many lies spread by Kathleen's mouth which have been all cropped and saved.

* All information is documented for legal purpose.

Kathleen has been stocking my website, so this is a great post to draw her attention to what is going on. It is sad to know that there are people out there that would take such measures to lie in the public hands for attention. The real victim here is the puppy, that supposedly passed away.

This vet reporting was sent to me on March 6, 2019 at 8:24 pm. It states clearly that the one pound puppy was alive on March 6th and not dead like she is claiming in her ads. It shows that on March 4th, she left the puppy unattended and unsure if she ate. A one pound puppy was left unattended without proper food for 12 hours and Kathleen declined treatment at the vet.

This was very wrong of Kathleen to post lies about me and my business. I will not stand for someone lying and accusing me of something that is not true!

She is a person who starts arguments and upsets people, by posting in an online platform with intent of provoking readers into an emotional response.

She never once provided any documentation on the said puppy. Readers, lets think about this? She is trying to get people to make an emotional response and has never sent anything to me or even allowed me to talk to the vet! My text offers her complete coverage and she refuses it.

As a reader you can make your own opinion, the text and comments show the truth. It shows who is misinforming the public.

Thank you Alisha! She took the time to read all the post, including the vet reporting and she clearly seen the proof and now Tammy Hawkins is lashing at her because she read the truth. Why don't people want to hear the truth??? They would rather read lies and forcefully lash out at people, when in reality they are cowards hiding behind their computers. This is my only means of defending myself, because Kathleen has blocked me from all social media so I can not respond, but guess what? She can not block me from my website. So I will continue to spread the truth!

Kathleen is now back pedaling because I called her out on her lies. She clearly knew everything but she wanted to provoke people for an emotional response. Her puppy was never advertised as registered like she is claiming. She insisted on having CKC papers, so I printed it off, paw registration, for her so she could register her puppy at her convenience. Anyone can register any type of dog through CKC, just send 3 pictures of your puppy and $50.00 and wallah, they are registered. Again, no puppy was sold with papers, I can clearly ad her contract to this page where it shows no papers.

Her vet paper, WRITTEN BY HER VET CLEARLY STATES THE PUPPY WAS LEFT FOR 12 HOURS AND KATHLEEN CLEARLY STATES SHE HAD NO IDEA IF SHE ATE OR NOT, NOW She IS CLAIMING SOMEONE WAS AT THE HOUSE ALL DAY. WOULDN'T THAT BE WRITTEN ON THE PAPER THAT HER DAUGHTER NEW EXACTLY WHAT SHE ATE????? Kathleen states that her daughter owned a 2lb Yorkie and was watching her Yorkie all day, if that was the case, why did Kathleen's daughter allow the Yorkie puppy to get to the point that it was lethargic and vomiting? I am just reading what the vet wrote, exactly what Kathleen said. Written by the vet- owner worked 12 hours today unsure if puppy ate owner came home to a puppy being lethargic and vomiting. I want to know why did the daughter allow the puppy to get in this type of state? Why did she call me at 9:00 in the evening to tell me this? Why did I have to tell her to take the puppy to the vet? Kathleen stated she has raised dogs many years, why did you not take the puppy? See where I am getting at????? I'm thinking someone might be lying here and I don't believe it is the vet or me. It is all black and white, written clearly for everyone to see the TRUTH!

It is clear to see through texting that Kathleen has lied multiple times throughout this ordeal. She will continue to lie, and come up with every excuse in the book to try to make her words not look like a lie now, but it is all written clearly in all text.

As long as Kathleen post lies, I will defend my business and my name! I will not allow people like her to slander my business because of her negligence and lies!

Since you are reading my post Kathleen, these are 3 questions for you.

     1st Why won't you release vet documentation stating what happened on Wednesday, but now Friday?

    2nd Why do you have me blocked from your vet to find out what was wrong with your puppy? When I called there today, you refused for them to release any information to me....WHY? Are we hiding something?

     3rd Why did you lie and say I offered nothing back to you?

     If you get a chance unblock me and call me, Id love to talk to you, just like I tried through texting. RED FLAG

Here is the front page of the contract. It states Yorkie, not AKC, not CKC, not nothing. If anyone ask and wants papers, we will give them CKC paw registration or Napr. This is not a registration certificate, it means they have to apply by sending in 3 pictures of their puppy and the amount the club is requesting. I gave her exactly what she wanted and never charged an extra cent for it. Anyone right now can go to CKC and print off the same application and register their puppy.

If your puppy is actually registered you get the actual papers with the seal of approval that the company has registered the said canine. Hers does not state it is registered nor was the puppy registered. She asked for them, so of course, I gave them to her.

Kathleen will not stop, she wanted me to hide my head between my legs and let her bash me, I just will not accept the lies.

Thank you Vivian for reading our post. Kathleen will argue with you no matter what, as you can see through my text and yours as well. She has blocked anyone that tries to speak their opinion on the matter. Sad thing is, they are not on there to defend me, they are on there stating facts that they read, actual text between Kathleen and I, where she refuses everything, not I refusing.

Much to my surprise, Kathleen is back, She has drug Michelle Brady into the mix by spreading more lies. Please take the time to read this!

* The puppy now died only 3 days after purchase, which would of been Sunday, however the text and the vet bills say different.

* The puppy bill is now $2,000

* and last but not least, the same bold face lie about me refusing.

Kathleen, I want you to know that I have more people out there watching for me. The sad thing is that these people are not defending me personally, they are defending the truth. They have helped me expose the lies you have been spreading. Every single person that comes to my site will read the ads that you are posting, they will read the vet reporting, and most of all the text. This is how they form their opinion about the TRUTH!

Every single ad that is posted will come back to me, please be aware of this and they will be posted to show proof of all the lies and all the people you have provoked an emotional response along the way.

Now I will detail out each text individually.

Kathleen says I have not cropped or lied. Ummmm, I cropped everything, all the slander, all the fake words, all the people threatening to do stuff.

EEEEEEKKKKKKK, not lied! Now come on Kathleen, every word up above has been lies!

As you can see through the text from up above Kathleen does not once answer any of my questions about why liver enzymes were not checked, narcropsy done, and why was I not told she even deceased. There is no answer for any of that!

Slander definition:

the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.

Defamation of Character defintion:

Defamation is a false statement someone makes about you, which they publish as a statement of fact, and which harms your personal and/or professional reputation or causes you other damages, including financial loss and emotional distress.

How do you prove defamation of character?

  • First, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant made a false and defamatory statement concerning the plaintiff.

  • Second, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant made an unprivileged publication to a third party.

All through the Facebook post has been nothing but lies, which falls under the definition of slander and defamation. Instead of contacting me through email, texting or calling, she resorted to slandering my business name on Facebook and telling over people to do the same(proof up above) . She says I blocked her, yes I did, through Facebook, but not through anything else. She text me March 16, 2019 through her daughters phone, if I had her blocked then why wouldn't she of texted me through her daughters phone the day she went to the vet and put the puppy down, like she did on March 16th? See everyone, her stories just don't ad up. It continues to be a lie to cover up another lie. WHY?

Okay, so now if I don't rectify this, she is going to leave bad reviews?

Wait a minute, I believe this is why I am here now! I am on here showing the public what type of person I am dealing with.

So, basically what this text says:

You do what I say or I'm telling

* doesn't stuff like this end in grade school?

Oh my, take another puppy?????

Kathleen I thought I

* was a puppy mill

* sold sick puppies

Why would you want another puppy? or better yet, why do you think I would ever give you another puppy?

Riverside Puppies will never give you another puppy to put through this. That baby was active and fine here, she went down sometime on Monday from hypoglycemia, but no one was around to even know this, didn't even know if she ate? YOUR VET REPORT STATES THIS! 

You hate to go to court, this is because my contract stands strong, and the vet reporting never not once stated this puppy's illness is caused because of a liver shunt. It says hypoglycemia, owner left puppy for 12 hours and did not know if the puppy even ate. That is what the vet reporting says! Written in black and white. Also, your vet report states you declined hospitalization and inpatient treatment due to your schedule! What????? WHY???? This puppy was sick with hypoglycemia, your vet or any vet could of stabilized this baby to get her sugar levels restored and you declined treatment and you want me to give you another puppy? NOT HAPPENING!!!

If the vet or you even remotely thought the puppy had a liver shunt why wasn't blood work done to check liver enzymes? Why wasn't a narcropsy done to prove this?

She would prefer to give me good reviews.....EEEEEKKKKKKK! I believe this is why I am here today, because bad reviews were already left.

To the public that is reading all the lies through social media, Facebook, group sites on Facebook this is the truth! You are reading every single text, every single report I received, and most of all every single lie to make up for another lie told.

People come to our place of business and chuckle about some of the things that is written in the contract. This is why we have to write things like this. It is sad that this situation has come to these measures. I had to take time away from my personal life due to Kathleen and her post, that created hate words and people personally wanting to charge after me and my business for false accusations. I am showing the truth! I am posting this information, because there is 2 sides to every story.

Just a note: I believe social media was intended for reasons like staying in contact with family, friends, news and so on. Not to bash people, friends, businesses, family members, celebrities, the president. There are always 2 sides to every story, but unfortunately social media can be a dark side for people to set behind their smart device and computer to attack people. It is not right to do this, it is not right to do it to anyone for any reason!

Please think before you post, it makes our world a better place if we do not feed into the negativity of our society. 

She is back again!!!!! Oh my, the lies keep continuing.

Here we go again, pointing out her lies. She is faithfully watching my site trying to correct her every word to make her look like she is the victim. Again, more lies!

So lets check this out....

Kathleen says in a text that it was already 1:00 am in the morning when she left (March 15th) but my question is why does the vet paper say PRINTED MONDAY MARCH 14TH AT 11:49 PM. So what Kathleen is saying the vet made her pay at 11:49 and she waited for her puppy to be ready to go. Hmmmm, I don't believe I have ever went to a vet office and paid before service was complete. I believe you pay when you leave, atleast I thought that is how this works.

2nd thing, If the vet hydrated her that means she had no liquids on her all day, just like the vet report states SHE HAD NO CLUE THAT SHE EVEN ATE!!!


I am so far down on this post. I could not even begin to guess what number lie this was.

So apparently I never answered her text. Again, up above is every single text from her and I. You can see clearly who is lying about the matter again.

Hmmmmmm, I post on my website because she can not block THE TRUTH and her lies are exposed! Her text were answered, each and every time as shown up above.

Oh my, is the lies going to stop? If I was a betting person, I would probably say not.

It is so clear to see the admiration she has on trying to let people know what she has truly done. Anyone that reads the post comes to my site. It will always be here as a reminder to her that she can not lie and slander people!

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